Committee & Volunteers

Club Captain 2021/22



Name: Stuart Mason


Current Handicap: 12


Best Round: Gross 77 White Tees

 Majors Won: 5

Captains Bowl, Remembrance Trophy, Geoff Gibson Trophy, Trafford Leisure Trophy, Winter Fourball Knockout

Played nomadic golf for several years and when looking to join a club I was recommended Altrincham Golf Club by a friend.

Joined in 2008 and was immediately hooked by the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and that we played competitions every weekend.

In 2017 I joined the committee with the idea to help where I could and with a hope of putting something back into the club that had given me such great times. I have since been surprised and honoured to accept Mr Captains request to be his Captain elect.

Committee Member  (Past Captain)

Name: Roy Dickens

Current Handicap:16

Best Round:Gross 80 White Tees

Majors Won:6

J S Chorlton Trophies, Diggle Trophy X 2, Captains Bowl, A Cooper Trophy & The 5 Club Shield.

Joined Altrincham Golf Club in 2013 after retiring from Junior Football coaching. Never really played golf before, as my first round in club golf would prove. I was about to walk off after 6 holes with a score somewhere in the high 40’s, encouraged to continue by my playing partners I persevered. Think I finished with a score of around 130, but still I was hooked.

Joined the committee in 2015 where I got involved in helping organise club social events. In 2017 I took over the running of the bar & clubroom until this year when I was asked to take on the role of Captain which I am honoured to do.

AGC President

Name: Norman Crowther

Current Handicap: 8

Best Round: Gross 70 White Tees

Majors Won: several

J S Chorlton Trophies, Summer 4 ball, the Bernie Wood Trophy, T.Barlow trophy The 5 Club Shield to name a few

Joined Altrincham Golf Club in 1996 originally, introduced by Gordon, Joey and Reg Walters.

I feel very privileged to be one of the few remaining members to have my name in gold leaf in the hallway of the club.

Worked at the driving range for 20 years picking up many golf tips along the way.

After playing amateur football for 22 years with some golf included, I decided to dedicate my time to golf, becoming an active committee member in 2012, followed by a fantastic Captains year in 2017.

Looking forward to many more good years at AGC….

Handicap & Competition Secretary

Name: Bernie Wood

Current Handicap: 9

Best Round: Gross 69 White Tees

Majors Won: 19

Joined Altrincham Golf Club in 1968 as a junior. My first handicap was 15 and my lowest ever was 4.

I have held various committee positions including Captain (2000) , President and various others. To mark my 50thyear of membership the Trust commissioned a competition in my name, the Bernie Wood Trophy.  I have recorded two holes in one in 1998 and 1999. I have finished a rather distant second , twice in the J Ford . In 1998 I qualified for the final of the EGU Gold Medal returning a score of 71-7-64. I am still a regular at Old Trafford and have held a season ticket for the past 30 years. I still enjoy karaoke and I am known for my sharp ‘humour’.

I also appeared on Sky Sports on the Trilby Tour.

Despite suffering a heart attack in 2013 and a stroke in 2016 my ambition is to live long and enjoy my golf as much as possible.

Here is to the next 50 years.

AGC Secretary, Welfare Officer & Handicap Committee

Name: Tim Dibble

Current Handicap: 17

Best Round: Gross 81 White Tees Monthly Medal 

Majors: Winter Fourball Knockout, Ray Gelatily, Gyves & Gardner Trophy, J Greatbanks Memorial Trophy, Rememberance Trophy, 

Played golf on and off since the ’90s. Joined Altrincham as found it to be a relaxing and welcoming environment. Like others, I’ve held memberships at various clubs but settled at Altrincham around 2007. I have fond memories of the place as my father used to play here when I was around 7 years old. I used to play a ball into the brook on the old 16th, Funny how some things change but remain the same. Now I’m rinsing balls on the 1st hole.

Lady Captain 2021/22 Vacant


Current Handicap: 
Best gross – 

Majors won – 

Captain Elect 2021 & Handicap Committee

Name: Danny Miller 

Current Handicap: 6

Majors Won: 30

Best Round: Gross 73

I was introduced to golf by Roland West’s daughter, Lorraine.   I was looking for something to keep me fit when the football season closes.   I remember talking to Lorraine West and she introduced me to her dad, Mr Roland West. That’s where it all began for me back in the ’80s. After a couple of years of playing Mr west decided me and James West would be good for a match for each other and that season I think we won almost everything that a team could win. I still have a target to beat James West’s number of major victories at the club as he’s just in front of me with the most major 32.

 I’ve also had the privilege of captain Durham Forest team I tried to put something back into the game by helping others with their game and enjoy that. The rest is history as they say. I now enjoy playing anywhere and with anyone. 

Committee Member

Name: Ian Cheetham

Current Handicap: 26

Best Round: 90 off Whites

Majors: 1 – The R Gyves and Gardener Trophy 

After years of playing football, I took up golf, playing Altrincham on my own every Sunday evening in the summer of 2017.

Once I joined in the competitions I quickly made new friends and was warmly welcomed into the club.

As a new member of the committee, I hope to provide valuable input and a drive to improve the social side of the club.

Committee Member

Name: Andrew Gordon Simon Window

Current Handicap: 17

Best Round: Gross 79 White Tees

Majors Won: 2

Autumn Cup, Gyves & Gardner

I’m on the cusp of being a Leo or a Virgo and my favourite colour is Cardinal Red?

I started my golfing journey at Altrincham Golf Club a Millennium ago. My Dad introduced me to the game, so it’s all his fault?

After years of wanting to get a handicap and not doing anything about it. I joined Altrincham Golf Club in June 2017 and I haven’t looked back since?

I’m looking forward to my spell on the Committee and hope I can be an integral part of the best Club in Altrincham.

Club Volunteers:

In addition to our Committee, we have members in the club that have limited time available but still like to get involved on specific activities in the club.

Social Media Team

John Thompson & Matt Astbury:

Welcome to two of our longer-term volunteers that will be helping to fire up discussion and interest through our social media platforms. Two budding golfers that have really taken to the club and are looking at ways in which we can keep people talking about the club even when we are not out on the course.